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Visit Signature Stag Menswear for a HUGE selection of top-name designer suits and tuxedos for rent and purchase. Get everything you need, head to toe, for your next big event, prom or wedding party without breaking the bank! 

Suits Made from Premium-Part Construction 

Signature Stag Menswear teams with iDesign, an American owned and run company. IDesign crafts its product as a premium, Western-styled garment that simply passes through sewing machines in the Far East. 
Its specialty is manufacturing premium custom-made clothing and shirts, resulting in private-branded custom apparel that hangs comfortably with your finest branded garments, yet with quality and margins previously unattainable in custom. IDesign features:
  • The finest Italian canvas from Kufner
  • The best German shoulder padding from Helsa
  • Combining premium European finishing components with Far East labor and craftsmanship, resulting in unsurpassed product at spectacular margins
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