Billy Jealousy- Hot Towel Treatment - 8oz

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Chasing trends is an index of fashion, but respecting style is the mark of distinction. Re-create the classic barbershop experience with Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment: a unique, water-activated heating agent that produces the definitively clean, consummate shave in a modern context.


  • Zeolite: Water-activated heating agent. Softens beard for smooth shaving.

  • Kaolin: Clay-like material. Helps retain moisture and removes impurities from skin.

  • Bisabolol: Chamomile Extract. Soothes skin.

  • Natural Fruit Oils: Condition and moisturize skin and beard.

  • Great for women who get chill bumps while shaving their legs in the shower

  • Hot Towel SHOULD NOT be used with an electric wet shaver

NOTE:  Hot Towel is an excellent skin and beard conditioner, softening the beard, making shaving easier and more comfortable. Hot Towel works best with thick beards/tougher skin.

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